Do This One Thing, and Your Children Will Never Forget it…

A quick story:

One day a father was packing up the car to take his wife and three kids for a much-anticipated trip to the circus.

Just then, a call came in for him to go to work, instead.

Going to work would mean breaking his promise, made months ago to his children. It was an easy decision to make:

The father declined the work.

After the call, his wife suggested that perhaps he should have taken the work

But the father was quick to respond: “The work will come again… but childhood will never return.”

Those kids grew up with that lesson, and they remembered it for the rest of their lives.


Not my kid, but I love this one. 😉

ON Gratitude… (with a “stranger-than-fiction ending”)

Today is a beautiful day because…

I’m lucky to be alive.

Last night, coming home from the grocery, my wife and I got slammed by a guy who was racing to beat a red light.

More on that, in a moment. First, a confession:

I can be something of a curmudgeon. Here’s an example:

When I first got married, I didn’t much like saying I love you all the time to my wife. It seemed repetitive and unnecessary.

Then I watched my dear aunt and uncle in action.

They are retired, with grandchildren and they say it every time they talk on the phone or part ways.

It’s like their religion.

I guess it rubbed off on me and I’m glad it did.

Since I saw them last November, I’ve been pretty good about it. It was weird the first couple days, but I stuck at it, and now it’s as automatic as putting the seat down afterwards.

(Yes, I have now completely covered the two topics I’m good at in husbandry.)

The reason this has come up now is because last night I got T-boned by a color-challenged driver (you know, the one who has a hard time differentiating red from green).

After we got entirely knocked out of the intersection and spun around, I realized that if something had happened I’m glad I’ve learned to tell my wife that I love her.

She knows my position. She’ll never wonder.

And without getting too specific, this “lucky” incident was a great reminder of just how fragile life can be.

In closing, I’ll say this: my last car was an economical one and did not have many safety features.

The wrecked car you see the photo, did.

I’m glad to have spent the extra money. Had I been driving my earlier car, my wife’s head would have smacked into a glass window, instead of side curtain airbags.

Thank you Lexus.

Oh, and totally weird, stranger-than-fiction ending?

Turns out we both thought the driver looked familiar. We were correct to think so…

It turns out he lives in the duplex… directly below us, down our street.

Yes, he’s our next door neighbor. And, no he does not have insurance.

Talk about awkward…

My Politically Incorrect Mutterings…

What you’re about to read is NOT the typical…

Most people in my shoes would keep pretty much everything you’ll read on this blog very quiet.

But here’s the thing:

I take great pride in having a successful digital marketing agency.

I’m incredibly grateful to be in the top echelon of direct response copywriters. It’s no small thing to earn $25 or $50,000 on a single project (plus royalties) for writing a single letter.

It’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude that drives me on in this business. And I hope my own companies, copywriterhacks, membershiplab, and MCM are blessed enough to help people like you enjoy massive growth in your business for years to come.

All this…I know it’s special, and I never take that for granted.



None of that matters, here. In this blog, I’m just going to talk about my life. Specifically, I’ll share with you personal stories that many leaders would fear retelling because they fear “hurting” their business.

So why would I reveal my “warts,” my  failures and failings, shortcomings and embarrassing odious and awkward moments that might “hurt” my business?

Because I know they won’t.

Since I know these tales will help those who’re suffering, maybe from drugs, or a mis-steps in marriage, or whatever–our scars are what make us beautiful.

So read on, and enjoy… I hope you benefit as much as I do from the telling.