My Politically Incorrect Mutterings…

What you’re about to read is NOT the typical…

Most people in my shoes would keep pretty much everything you’ll read on this blog very quiet.

But here’s the thing:

I take great pride in having a successful digital marketing agency.

I’m incredibly grateful to be in the top echelon of direct response copywriters. It’s no small thing to earn $25 or $50,000 on a single project (plus royalties) for writing a single letter.

It’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude that drives me on in this business. And I hope my own companies, copywriterhacks, membershiplab, and MCM are blessed enough to help people like you enjoy massive growth in your business for years to come.

All this…I know it’s special, and I never take that for granted.



None of that matters, here. In this blog, I’m just going to talk about my life. Specifically, I’ll share with you personal stories that many leaders would fear retelling because they fear “hurting” their business.

So why would I reveal my “warts,” my  failures and failings, shortcomings and embarrassing odious and awkward moments that might “hurt” my business?

Because I know they won’t.

Since I know these tales will help those who’re suffering, maybe from drugs, or a mis-steps in marriage, or whatever–our scars are what make us beautiful.

So read on, and enjoy… I hope you benefit as much as I do from the telling.

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