Is Government Still a “Thing”?

I heard something outrageous this week.

For me, trust me, it takes a lot. After all, I’ve been around the world. I’ve lived in Korean and Thailand. Hell, I even spent a nickel in the Bangkok Hilton.

But this week I learned that marijuana is being sold for “legit medical need” in states which haven’t yet had their vote.

How is this possible?

I mean, if you’ve studied the tenuous relationship with Californian pot entrepreneurs and the “still-on-the-books” federal laws they ignore–you’ve got to be amazed. At any time, on any day  the feds could swoop in and  eliminate every pot shop off the West coast and send most of those “pot-trepreneurs” to jail for life.

Ignoring Federal laws, on Obama’s word is one thing. Flaunting local and state law is another level of disregard, in any state.

And yet, here we are.

As I sat in a friend’s living room, hearing that some states in this country are selling marijuana as if it was legal, despite federal and local laws that say otherwise, is flabbergasting.

I am truly at a loss… left only to ask this question: has the last election signified the end of government as a “thing?”

Is Government Still Relevant?

Here’s a prediction: Soon Trump Will Start Planning His Own Exit

He’s gonna get tired of the harassment, haranguing and aggravation.

Could he resign?

How much of a beating can even the champ take? It’s actually more likely they’ll push him out using some of the laws that he has already broken, or will break. They will oust Trump.

That said, I predict he’s gone in 12 months.

Time will tell.