How to Eliminate Fear from Your Business Decisions … With Apologies to My Wife!


I make absolutely no attempt to pretend to be a marriage expert, in fact, if anything I will claim I’m an anti-expert, which means, if you dare read this article, you should probably do THE OPPOSITE of what I do. 


Consider the following two statements:

  1. “I tried to build a company, and failed.”


2. “I considered building a company, but when I thought about all the things that could go wrong, I played it safe.”

Which one sounds better?  Which statement is based on fear?  Which one contains boldness, courage, daring? Most importantly:

Which one would you rather say at this year’s Thanksgiving gathering with your family?

Right now I’m living this in several levels…

I’m building a coaching business to replace some of my copywriting business, and my wife and I are building a real estate portfolio. It’s this second project, with my wife, that this article is about.

Today Carol and I are working through some fairly significant fears, worries concerns and doubts…

What if we fail?

What if we run out of money?

What if the house we buy needs significant repairs and we go into the red?

What if the entire market bottoms out and we go belly up and find ourselves homeless?

What if… what if… what if…

Legitimate fears, right? Or, to use a more collegial term, these are legitimate “concerns.”


In my book, nothing risked, nothing gained. And I’d rather fail in a big way, than survive in a small way.  What a great story, to overcome those odds, and WIN!

Allow me to just to give you a little clarity on what I’m going just this moment, with the following caveat: what I’m about to write is NO KNOCK on my wife, because she’s the anchor to my storm, the balance and yang to my hyperactive ying. 😉

So here’s how it went down:

Jesse: “Let’s put all our cash on this deal, right now!”

Carol: “But we were gonna save that part of the cash for the furniture for the next property!”

Jesse: “We can’t worry about furniture for a place, when we don’t have the place yet…”

Carol: “Our business model requires we furnish these rentals… without furniture we don’t have a viable business plan.”

Jesse: “Correct… but look around at all the fine furniture in the house we’re now living in … I’d rather buy another asset, and furnish it with my own bed, sleeping on the floor and make more money now, THEN we can buy more furniture for US!”

As I was saying this, I was already in a place where I’d achieved this coup… and Carol and I are telling the story of how we slept on the air mattress for six months till we could buy a new houseful of beds and couches.

What a wonderful hardship to endure on the road to financial freedom!

I’m in love (as any great writer should be), with the journey. As any prisoner who’s gained freedom by scraping himself up by his fingernails. 

(And no, I’m not quite dumb enough to think my wife would enjoy giving up the comfortable living we have carved out for ourselves to date, nor am I foolish enough to think she can understand the willingness I would quickly sacrifice my short-term comfort for long-term freedom.)

My entire existence is grounded in being a scrappy entrepreneur who pulls victory from the jaws of defeat.

I’m alive to win.

I cannot even acknowledge such figments of other’s imagination as are commonly known of as “Defeat.”

I’ll go down fighting, or enjoy the incredible spoils of my stubbornness.

In closing, I hope you can catch fire with my enthusiasm.

That you can breathe the same sort of wilful foolishness in my lungs, and ride my wave of confidence all the way to your particular victory, no matter what that might look like.

To your (VERY) best life,

Jesse Moskel

PS: Don’t think I don’t know my wife is totally and incredibly amazing for putting up with my “airs.” I thank her for it every single day.