Do You Clean Your Recyclables? Surprising Poll Reveals…

Picking a fight today…

A little midlife suburban first world controversy for ya:

—->It’s my belief that recyclables that gets taken away by the City of Columbia every week does NOT need to be washed. My wife thinks otherwise…

So what the hell’s your recyclable policy?

Wash? No wash?

Do ya think they already have to wash it all? Or maybe it’s good karma? Or that they keep a list of names for those who don’t? (they do!)

As an efficiency expert (self-proclaimed internet-version), it seems to me that over a lifetime, we’ll handle lots of these jars headed for the curb. See the problem is that my wife puts them in the dishwasher. Sometimes we keep glass jars (more than necessary, of course), but I never know what to do with it when it comes out (Yes, I unload the dishwasher even though I almost NEVER get all the pots and pans dirty!).

Is this silly? I think not. I want other people to believe in me so I feel better about my absolute “rightness” in position on this vital issue!

That is all. End communication.

Oh yeah, that poll?

Leave your response below and I’ll tally them up! Wash or No Wash!

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