Here’s a Way to Improve Your Conversions, in 60 Minutes.

Inside a one-hour session, you and I can review anything you’re currently using to gain profits from in your business. I’m a copywriter, who loves marketing niche items. I revel in deep, deep research–that means you and me and your best customers are gonna swap sweat.

I’ll pull you closer to your people and they’ll give you more money. I’m talking little adjustments, from a discerning, outside eye…

  • We can put a microscope to a current sales page
  • Review your VSL
  • Examine your funnel for leaks
  • Do a competitive SEO & PPC study for idea validation

And a whole lot more.

I help well-funded startups and companies with a $2 million minimum annual revenue but guarantee this: no matter  what your business, you’ll get at least 10X your investment, or your money right back.

Money Back Promise: If You don’t walk away from our call Absolutely Sure You’ve Gotten 10X Your Value, I’ll Refund Your $500.

(Half of it goes to charity anyway.)

Put our conversation in motion today and you can increase profits starting in just 60 minutes.

Here’s What’s Next:

  1. Make A Full Payment for The Copy Review. (Refundable, submit $1,500 here.)
  2. Put Your Name, cell phone and best email in the notes with the phrase: “60 Minutes To 10X My Copy”
  3. My team will reach out to you and schedule your hour.
  4. I’ll record the call and share the raw footage with you.
  5. Finally, I’ll print my staff notes and mail them all bound up in an action plan format.

After Our Call You’ll Have Everything You’ll Need To Ramp up Profits With No Delay.

The investment you make for this hour can be made here.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.


Now we’re moving fast and the beach is all ours!