Professional Copywriting and Marketing Consultations, by Jesse Moskel

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you worry about improving your message?

Would you like to sell more of your products and services on the internet?

Maybe you already buy traffic from Facebook or Google and suspect your conversions should be higher?

There are a ton of ways a seasoned direct response copywriter like myself can help you get more cash from your marketing dollar…


I’m Jesse Moskel.

I help entrepreneurs and copywriters how to get bigger results with their advertising. Here are a few ways you can get results:

Copy Critiques: Inside a one-hour session, you and I will review anything you’re currently using online: funnels, sales pages, video sales letter, or a newspaper advertisement, … your about page… really just any offer you’d like to see improved conversions on, make adjustments, enhance your brand, and so on. Get more info here.

The 28 Day Upwork Copywriting Workout 

Do you think you might have a shot at becoming a successful full-time copywriter? This is the real program I used to achieve a six figure copy business inside 10 months. Oh, and it takes place in the biggest and most competitive sandbox in the world – Upwork. Timid folks with day jobs they secretly don’t plan on giving up, need not apply.  Here you’ll learn techniques, strategies and tactics that real, working copywriters use daily to overcome fear, prospect, set and achieve aggressive goals. More info here. 

All my life, words have been central.

It’s passion.

It’s fire.

In today’s era, your communication is your business life.

Now, especially in digital formats those carefully chosen words become the razor edge by which you win.

Or die.

Start getting to the best of everything you want, today!

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