I wasn’t always the upstanding citizen I try to be these days.

In fact, the photo of the prison above is where I used to live! Here’s the whole story….

Back in 2008, I found myself caught up in the drug world. After a narrow escape from DEA and Korean authorities, the Thailand police arrested and eventually convicted me of manufacturing and distribution of MDMA (ecstasy) a club drug.

As a result, homes for me had ominous-sounding titles, like the one above, lovingly called the Bangkok Hilton, in central Thailand.


Thanks to a generous Thai prison authority, they made it possible for me to travel all over the country, something like a grand tour of prison facilities. After just five years, I am “proud” to say I’d enjoyed extended stays in the following prisons:

  • Bombat Prison
  • Song Kla Prison
  • Bangkok Remand Prison
  • Klong Prem Prison

The Hilton was the best. In practical terms, this means it was the most corrupt.

To give you an illustration, here’s a video which I shot rather nervously back in 2010 or 2011 of the “home” outside my cell, where my “family” and I grew vegetables, enjoyed prison brew and had fish fry Sundays and bar-b-que pork and chicken dinners.

I was lucky. My original charges would have sunk me for 104 years…

Actually I was beyond lucky.

I got out in less than six. What’s beyond comprehension, even for me, the man who did it, is how I got out of prison — how I “escaped,” 22 years early. That’s the story I tell, as often as I can. That said, prison was a great opportunity for me. I used my time there wisely.

I didn’t serve time–I made the time serve me.

These days, as a free man: able to build companies, buy real estate, get married and live a life, “reborn” here in America, my story is truly, one in a billion.

Occasionally I can be persuaded to speak about the escape I conjured with copywriting, some 22 years before my Life Sentence was up. Inquire about Speaking here.

5 thoughts on “Story

  1. Hi Jesse,
    I just watched your story on NGC and I was inspired. People like you make the world a better place! All the best to you and your family!



  2. Hey Jesse, interesting story and happy to hear you are a free man. But I was wondering what happened to your friend, is he still there? Did he get out?


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